Short Courses – Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

University funding via HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Fund) was secured in November 2013 to support the development of on-line short courses in QbD to target the continuing professional development (CPD) market. These short courses will provide inexpensive training to pharmaceutical scientists and other professionals who wish to engage in CPD but do not wish to pursue a formal qualification. The availability of training in ‘bite size’ modules also aligns well with initiatives by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences to establish competency based training structures for pharmaceutical scientists.

The short course will be a series of lectures of approximately 10-15 minutes in length to ensure the material is easily digestible and suitable for professionals in full time employment. The pilot short course Regulatory Guidelines, Principles and Tools of QbD is mid way through development and is expected to be available early next year.