Industry testimonials

A wide range of experienced industrial and regulatory experts have been engaged in preparing and delivering the pre-recorded lectures. They have been drawn from a number of areas of the pharmaceutical industry and supply chain and present experience from both small and large companies.

Please click below to find out what some of our experts have to say about the course:

Mike Hannay, AstraZeneca

“Quality by Design is at the very heart of leading edge pharmaceutical development. The development of such a high quality course, delivered through an innovative medium, will significantly help today’s and tomorrow’s scientists build their capabilities in delivering high quality innovative medicines for patients.

The course at DMU provides an excellent foundation for the implementation of quality by design in the pharmaceutical industry. The first year has seen students join from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations including the UK, Europe and India. The course has developed a truly international flavour. The involvement of practitioners and regulators with experience at the cutting edge of the industry enables students to access the best quality by design practice from around the globe. AstraZeneca has benefitted from the insights the students are gaining from academic, industrial and regulatory experts external to our company”.

Tommy Dolan, Pfizer

“The common goal of industry and regulators to build quality into the product with a risk based approach allied to a thorough understanding of the product and the process by which it is manufactured has changed the development paradigm in recent years. An understanding of both the underlying philosophy and the tools to meet this requirement are essential for scientists developing pharmaceutical products. This course will be an excellent foundation for all pharmaceutical scientists who are charged with this responsibility”.

Martin Owen, GlaxoSmithKline

“De Montfort University’s programme is a bold vision of collaborative creativity – bringing together a decentralised group of industrialists, consultants and academics to form a powerful crowd to drive a holistic understanding of Quality by Design”.

Vince McCurdy, Pfizer

“This course is a unique integration of current knowledge on QbD from a group of leading QbD experts in the pharmaceutical industry. The course will be an excellent training opportunity for those less familiar with QbD and provide more experienced QbDers suggestions on how to enhance their QbD program”.