Module 1 - Regulatory Guidelines, Principles and Tools of QbD (30 credits) Module 2 - The QbD Product Development Roadmap (30 credits) Module 3 - Quality by Design in Practice (30 credits) Module 4 - Manufacturing, Process Controls & Inspection (15 credits) Module 5 - Negotiated Studies (15 credits) Module 6 - Research Methods (15 credits) Module 7 - Dissertation (60 credits)

Module 5

Negotiated Studies

The module aims to offer students an opportunity to formulate, present and implement an individual proposal for a study, investigation or exploration in an area of professional relevance and interest.

Within professional education and training, students and workers are increasingly being expected to be self directed and take responsibility for their own learning.

This module seeks to offer students an opportunity to explore an idea or issue, to critically examine and analyse a practical development, specialism or policy or take forward their knowedge and understanding of a particular subject. It is an opportunity to study in an area which is important to an individual student’s academic and professional development.

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