Module 1 - Regulatory Guidelines, Principles and Tools of QbD (30 credits) Module 2 - The QbD Product Development Roadmap (30 credits) Module 3 - Quality by Design in Practice (30 credits) Module 4 - Manufacturing, Process Controls & Inspection (15 credits) Module 5 - Negotiated Studies (15 credits) Module 6 - Research Methods (15 credits) Module 7 - Dissertation (60 credits)

Module 6

Research Methods

The module aims to introduce some generic research design principles and research methods in order to provide a thorough grounding in scientific areas of research, from experimental design, through data collection and presentation of data, to data analysis and the writing up of research results.

This module is focused on research methods. Within QbD principles, the importance of design of experiments concept will be discussed. Issues are primarily illustrated through examples from industrial cases. Students are encouraged to share and draw upon their experiences in this module as part of the learning process.

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