Student experience

A number of students have now studied QbD at De Montfort University. Our postgraduate courses attract talented professionals and can significantly impact their work.

We have asked past and current students to comment on their experiences of studying our distance learning course. Please click below to view their comments:

Emma Genis, Almirall, Spain

“I enrolled in the Quality by Design course at DMU two years ago with the aim of gaining knowledge in the QbD approach, which nowadays is considered a key area of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Now I can say I achieved my objective.

The course is well structured and organised in modules, and lectures are presented by high quality speakers with experience in the industry. The distance learning design of the course and its flexibility allow having time to assimilate all the information, and concepts are very easily understood. In addition, I would highlight the constant advice and support from tutors. This is a clear example of good collaboration between Industry and Academia. Therefore, I am very pleased to recommend this course.”

Ravi Naidu, AstraZeneca, India

Ravi has been working with AstraZeneca India, Bangalore for the past 15 years in pharmaceutical research and development with a background in drug substance (DS) synthesis.

“As I have drug substance (DS) synthesis background I selected manufacturing, advanced process controls & analytical method development as one of the optional modules for my studies. I have learned about QbD principles , tools, approaches , product / process design, PAT techniques, process controls and analytical techniques etc during this course. DMU has provided me opportunity to learn about drug product (DP) manufacture processes, various regulatory guidance (USFDA/ICH etc) and compliances & how to ensure quality, safety and efficacy which are critical to patients through QbD.

Overall, I felt that it is a useful course for pharmaceutical industry personnel & students. Application of QbD would benefit patients as well as industry.”

Ayobami Ajibola, Reckitt Benckiser, UK

“This course has been relevant in helping me achieve my current role because it takes into account all the different arms of the Pharma world, such as R&D, Analytical and Regulatory by providing hands on experience with state of the art equipments one would require while working in a real life professional environment. This means you experience all aspects and can then have a more informed sense of direction as to what aspect you’d like to pursue after studying.

The course also touches on all possible products i.e. aerosols, tablets, emulsions, suspensions one could possibly work on in a pharmaceutical company, which means you are provided with the opportunity to work with all these different products and this helps you become more confident and better prepared for job interviews. You also have the privilege of being supervised by well-established and experienced lecturers in the field of Science. Overall, the course 100% prepared and guided me into what aspect of the Pharma world I find interesting.”