Who is the course for?

This programme has been specifically designed with the needs of the pharmaceutical and allied industries in mind. Although the majority of students studying the course are directly employed within the pharmaceutical industry, the course has attracted students from the food and health product industries as the principles, tools and approaches of Quality by Design are widely applicable. The course has been supported by a wide range of industrial and regulatory experts who have written and presented the online lectures; thus students can benefit from the experience of specialists from the manufacturing and development companies, excipient suppliers, process equipment suppliers, data analysis software suppliers, consultancies and regulators.

Students should ideally be employed within the pharmaceutical or health sectors when undertaking the course; however this is not compulsory.

The course can be studied by students:

  • Working within the pharmaceutical and applied industries
  • Working within food, nutraceutical, healthcare industries
  • Working within other industries providing they can demonstrate an appropriate level of pharmaceutical knowledge and understanding
  • Recent graduates looking to enter the pharmaceutical industry

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to undertake the course or if the course is appropriate for you, please contact a member of the team qbd@dmu.ac.uk